Paragon Software Group is happy to present a new product line for Windows Phone smartphones

Best-selling Slovoed dictionaries with authoritative content from worldwide known publishers like HarperCollins, Langenscheidt,
Merriam-Webster Inc., Oxford University Press, Duden and PONS GmbH are available in Windows Phone Marketplace!

Slovoed dictionaries

Bilingual and monolingual Slovoed dictionaries includes the most full and detailed translation articles with usage samples, synonyms and antonyms. It is an excellent solution for professional linguists, translators and advanced users.

Handy Safe

The first program you should buy for your smartphone is Handy Safe for Windows Phone. Don’t waste time and energy at attempts to memorize passwords, card numbers and other important information. Be assured that all your confidential information is reliably protected and easily accessible by you through Handy Safe’s user-friendly interface.

Handy Converter

Handy Converter is a smart productivity application with hi-end conversion functionality. User-friendly interface and updatable currency rates will guarantee you orderly shopping and exchange operations. With Handy Converter you always get what you need for the right price whether at home or abroad.

Le Robert Easy English

The traditional French-English dictionary launched in digital age. Paragon and Robert have teamed up to develop a quality application to easily switch from one language to another in just two clicks! It meets four features with a bilingual dictionary, a guide of expression, grammar as well as some games and tests. Useful and easy, Easy English is perfect to set the time Big Ben.


The Focalbeo dictionary is the product of several years of comprehensive research. At his stage itbis a comprehensive and definitive English-Irish-English Dictionary. It consists of an English-Irish dictionary and a reverse Irish-English dictionary that work together to provide fast and accurate Irish language translation.

Enciclopèdia Catalana dictionaries

The Advanced Catalan and Compact Catalan-Spanish and Spanish-Catalan dictionaries from Enciclopèdia Catalana contains all words any user need or may need in Catalan and Spanish in all spheres of their personal and professional lives.

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